Vextra Hybrid Cables

Vextra offers a wide range of cables that put low price and high quality together in the most popular cabling configurations for residential voice, data, and video: RG6 coax and UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair).These are precision-quality cables manufactured to Vextra's exact specifications. They deliver superb electrical performance and craft-friendliness at exceptional pricing.

  • V5918 RG59 2/18awg security
  • V6C5E RG6/Cat5E Siamese
  • V6QC5E RG6 Quad Shield Cat 5E Siamese
  • VC5E164 Cat5E/16awg 4 conductor
  • Broadband.CATV
  • DSS/Satellite
  • Home Office/Data Networks
  • Home Theater/Pay-Per-View
  • Internet Connections
  • Security
  • Telephone Hookups

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Quality cable for voice, video and data applications.