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Vextra sells high quality RG6 Cable and Cat 5e Cable for residential use that offers superior electrical performance at very competitive pricing. These cables are ETL-listed CM, CMR and conform to appropriate standards for residential communication cable.

Vextra RG6 Coaxial Cable (in V621 V66 and V62 versions) are manufactured for video applications such as CATV and satellite TV, security monitoring and video distribution. Quad Shield RG6 versions are available for both constructions.

Our Cat 5e Cables and Cat6 are perfect for commercial and home networking, internet hookups, control/monitor circuitry and telephone lines.

We also manufacture hybrid cable constructed of RG6 Coax Cable and Cat 5e Cable. These cables deliver excellent electrical performance and offer the convenience of a single pull for multiple applications.

Our Audio cables are CMR rated and have a Oxygen free copper.


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